8 Most Popular Inverter Problems and Their Solutions

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An inverter has become one of the essentials of the houses these days with increased usage of electrical appliances and enhanced power cuts. The inverter is primarily a type of UPS with more extended backup. It can be your saviors in the worst cases of power cuts. It is the most commonly used device from school to office and home.

However, almost like the other devices, the inverters are prone to various glitches, while its usage comes with a solution. Most of these tiny issues can be fixed on this own, or you can even contact the service providers of SMF Battery who are situated in Faridabad to get done with the answers.

Common Problems Of Inverter And Their Solutions

The uninterrupted power supply by inverters is the prominent reason for the higher usage by households. But at times, the inverter may confront issues too that can be solved using simple techniques at home or can be connected with SMF Battery in Faridabad to get the issue solved. Let’s get into 8 common problems of the inverters faced by the users asking for effective solutions.

Inverter Does Not Turn On:

This is one of the most popular issues with inverters. There can be several reasons behind this issue, like weak battery, loose terminals, and others. If you continue facing this issue for a prolonged period, get it checked by the Traction Battery in Faridabad.

Reduction in Backup:

The issue of reduced backup time by the inverter can be due to excessive power consumption or lack of charge. Top up the battery with distilled water if electrolyte gets reduced and maintain the water level between the maximum and minimum mark. Make sure to charge the battery properly for a better backup.

Corroded Terminals:

The build-up of corrosion may lead to short backups. Make sure to clean them with a dry cloth. You can get your hands on Traction Battery which is very readily available Faridabad. These batteries are super easy to clean and maintain.

Continuous Alarm Beeping:

If the inverter takes an excessive load than necessary, the alarm continues to beep the alarm without any stop. Disconnect all the excess devices that are of less use to curtail the load on the inverter.

Incorrect Code Display On LCD:

Another common issue is the display of incorrect codes on the LCD. These can result from various internal and external issues, which makes it essential to contact an expert to resolve the problem. Getting for yourself the Forklift Battery from Faridabad can be the one-stop solution for solving your issue.

Incapable Of Charging:

There can be varied reasons for these issues, like melted fuses, dead batteries, and similar others. Replacing the batteries is recommended in this case, or you can clean the corrosion with a clean cloth.

Noise From the Inverter:

The inverter makes a minimal amount of noise during its application, but the noise gets increased if the fan gets accumulated with dust or debris. Clean the fan to get rid of the sound and even if it persists, consider changing the fan.

Tripped Inverter:

You can try using the reset button to fix this issue. However, if the problem continues, replace the batteries. You can get your battery replaced by a Forklift Battery and never face such issues.


These are some of the most popular issues faced by the users of inverters that come with specific simple remedies that can be opted for without much stress. All you have to be cautious about is to choose the correct battery, as that is the sole way an inventor can run properly without much hassles.